The Liquid Metal Collection:

  • Our unique designs are all hand rendered by our artist and feature smokin motors and automobilia from the most iconic marques on this planet. Drip yourself in Liquid Metal

The Half Car Collection:

  • We thought these were pretty damn cool so laid out a collection of them. They’re subtle and and always draw an interesting look from passers by.

Chest Candy:

  • Exactly the thing you need to adorn that sensational buff chest of yours. You can also wear Chest Candy on your back which begs the question of why we called this collection Chest Candy at all … Little things eh!

The Street Art Collection:

  • Graffiti yerself! the Street Art collection is gritty and urban. It features the coolest classics and car stuff straight outta the can

Cant Find It?:

  • We’ll create it FREE! Just drop us a line with your favorite ride and design style HERE

Stuff For Lads

Petrolmobillia you want on ya body

Stuff For Gals

Beautiful designs to beautify your chest

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  • Responsible to employees. Staff and contractors are paid in excess of the Living Wage and are an accredited Living Wage Employer
  • Responsible to the wider community. Sponsoring charitable work for good causes.
  • Responsible to the environment. The print process is 100% non-toxic and produces no harmful waste.
  • Responsible to the planet. Are carbon-neutral, reducing, recycling or reusing where possible and offsetting emissions where not.

T Shirts are

  • 100% toxin free
  • 100% non-hazardous
  • Totally organic
  • Completely vegan-friendly and our inks contain no animal by-products
  • Certified as safe for children and babies