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Left or Right Handed?

Here's Your VW Beetle Liquid Metal Mug ... Put yours in the cart!

Hi and thanks for dropping eyes on this bad-ass VW Beetle mug.

This is the only place in the multiverse where you can get Forty&Deuce designs and we print them on a number of gifts. Once you've added the mug to your cart take a look at the other VW Designs


This exclusive Forty&Deuce design is not only the perfect coffee mug but is also a great birthday gift or gift for any time of the year just to show your coolness!


Capacity: 10 ounces
Care: dishwasher and microwave safe
Print: The designs are printed on the mug and will last a very long time

Confessions Of VW Beetle Lovers

An inside look at the world of the VW Beetle owners.

If you know me, you know that I love my car! When it came time for me to choose a car, I was really open to anything with 4 wheels, an engine, and a little reliability. I will always be the first to say that I know absolutely nothing about cars. When we found that little black Volkswagen Beetle, I knew that was my car.

1. You feel a connection with everyone else who drives a bug.

As funny as it sounds, whenever you see some else driving around in a VW Beetle, you just want to honk at them and be friends because they are obviously a cool person.

2. You've been asked if your engine is in the back countless times.

No, Volkswagon has evolved quite a bit since 1938. The engine is in the front where it belongs. It doesn't run on diesel fuel anymore!

3. Everything is more expensive.

Though car troubles don't happen very often, you can be sure that when they do, you'll be dropping quite a bit of cash to get it fixed. Volkswagen parts are expensive little things, but you love your car. It's obviously okay.

4. It makes you secretly very happy inside when you see people slug each other when you drive by.

It's both hilarious and satisfying at the same time. Hopefully, nobody gets punched too hard!

5. People always think you're driving slow.

People obviously pass you just because you're driving a Bug, and for some reason, they find the need to pass you because it's manly. Of course, especially when you start to pass them and they just sped up so you can't.

6. "You drive a Bug?!"

Whenever you give someone a ride for the first time they will inevitably have some sort of reaction to your car.

7. Your car represents your personality.

You definitely chose your car because part of your personality is represented by it. You are probably a pretty fun and smiley person!

8. Steep parking lot entrances are your nightmare.

That horrid scraping noise? Yeah, it scares the crap out of you. Why in the world does anyone think that's a good idea?!

9. You love that your car has a history.

You can't deny it. You love that your car has a story behind it. Even if it isn't your car specifically, you love the idea that your car evolved from something with so much history.

10. It's small but mighty.

Contrary to popular belief, this little car packs a punch! I'm not a car person by any means but I do know that my bug is a powerful little car.

11. You're proud of your flower vase.

That's right, who else can say that they have a vase in their car? No matter how goofy and cheesy it may be, you know your car just wouldn't be the same without it. Your flower shows even more of your creativity and personality too!

12. You love your little car.

No matter how many people pick fun at your car, you know they're just jealous. You can't imagine driving anything else!

That little car has become a part of my identity and I am so thankful that I have it. My trusty little car has driven me thousands of miles and I don't even want to imagine the day that I will have to say goodbye. We've got lots of road trips and memories to make before that happens, though!

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