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Here’s it is! Wrangler Jeep Liquid Metal … Chuck yours in the basket today and show your appreciation for the 4×4

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Here’s it is! Wrangler Jeep Liquid Metal … Chuck yours in the basket today and show your appreciation for the 4×4

Hi and thanks for droppin ya peepers on this gnarly phone wallpaper.

This is the only place in the multiverse where you can get Forty&Deuce designs and we print them on a number of gifts. Once you’ve added yours to your cart take a look at the other 4×4 Designs

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This exclusive Forty&Deuce design is not only the perfect phone wallpaper but is also a great birthday gift or gift for any time of the year just to show your coolness!


All Forty&Deuce exclusive designs are created in house and available nowhere else. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed*

This is another exclusive and original, design by Forty&Deuce

10 Things to Love About Jeep

1. It’s Rugged And Ready for Anything The Wrangler has heavy-gauge steel skid plates protect its drivetrain from rocks and other obstacles, and there are front and rear tow hooks attached to the frame to help you and your friends get out of those inevitable bogged-out ‘oops! moments. Jeep also offers the Wrangler with a winch-ready steel front bumper and rugged steel rear bumper.

2. Sooooooo Many Configurations Don’t wanna wear sunscreen? The driver and passenger side windows for half doors can completely come off. The rear windows on the side can stay or come off as well. Some tops, hard or soft, can come apart or fold in the front to give more of a sunroof exposure too.

3. Drop-top Goodness. Not much to say about this one. When it’s time to hit the trails, an open top adds to the fun … oh! and the girls love it!

4. The Latest One Has The Classic Look With Modern Touches The latest Wrangler preserves the classic 7-bar grille, round headlights, flat fenders, and rugged styling, modernised with refinements that make it feel like a new car, like available LED reflector headlights and LED fog lights.

5. Easy Disassembly With just a few twists of the included Torx wrench, the hinge pins come off of the Wrangler’s doors. Even my son could do it, and he only learned lefty-loosey, righty-tighty the other week. Simply disconnect each snap-off wiring harness, and the doors slide off. The windshield can easily be dropped with the removal of a few bolts too. The whole process takes just a couple of minutes, and you’ll have a truly open-air off-roader. And that leas onto our next point…

6. Just like Your Wife, It Looks Great Naked! With the doors and top off, the Wrangler is ready for the greatest of outdoor drives, and doesn’t it look good when it shows some skin? The tubular roof structure offers safety for occupants, while bringing the outdoors into the cabin like no other production street-legal vehicle. Except perhaps an Ariel Atom or a Caterham, but then they cant do this…

7. Its a Proper 4×4 Unlike most SUVs that only offer a full-time all-wheel drive system, the Wrangler’s 4-wheel drive allows you to selectively engage all four wheels when you need them, and includes a proper two-speed transfer case, so you can switch into a lower gearing mode for the most challenging terrain. The new model also supports an automatic 4-high mode for everyday driving, so you get the best of both worlds.

8. It Loves to Get Dirty The Rubicon is especially happy in the sloppy stuff, with its ginormous 33″ all-terrain tires, and front and rear locking differentials, which help evenly share traction between the wheels. The Rubicon also gets a 4:1 low-gear ratio, heavy duty transfer case, upgraded rear axle, rock rails, and a sway bar disconnect feature for improved wheel articulation blah blah etc. etc. But with all that in mind, you don’t have to get the Rubicon, you can make any Jeep an off-road monster because of…

9. Modifications There’s a lot of opinions about what’s good for a Jeep and what looks better, but ultimately it’s your vehicle, your choice. You don’t HAVE to throw 33″ tires and a 4″ lift kit on it (But lets be real, why wouldn’t you?) Some go classic and just keep them stock. The world is your oyster and there is perhaps TOO many options out there when it comes to modifying your own Jeep that sometimes the choice can be overwhelming, but I can think of worse problems to have.

10. The Jeep Wave (Not unlike the Mini wave, the Miata wave, the JDM wave etc. etc.) “I have driven 65 mph down the highway and then I looked left to find a Jeep caught up with me and then they maintained their speed. We make eye contact and both of us nod and wave in brotherhood before going our seperate ways.” A Jeep owner, on meeting another Jeep owner. This is just one example of the Jeep wave, “a common occurrence between humans that own Jeeps, whereupon meeting each other out on the open road, they share a nod and a slight wave, in quite acknowledgement and respect of each others car.”

This Jeep wave is all good until the dick coming towards you doesn’t return it and leaves you hanging, rejected and irrationally angry!

So now it’s time to buy! Go on, off you go….

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