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Happy Customers = MORE Sales Simple!

A while ago I received a package I’d ordered and in the box, was a small free gift. Now it was only a pair of socks but it really resonated with me. Just that small gesture meant I kept using that company. Each time I ordered there was a small token of their appreciation.

Conversely, a few years ago I was lucky enough to be in the Porsche dealership buying a new Cayenne. I’d closed a deal. Whilst wandering the showroom, a cabinet with a selection of Porsche merchandise had caught my eye and I asked the salesman to throw in a scale model of the car. After all I had just spent the children’s inheritance … he refused but offered to sell it to me!

I’ve never forgotten that!

Promotional gifts are nothing new. Generally, it’s something pretty mundane with the company’s logo emblazoned across it which, let’s face it, is fairly uninspiring and obviously self-serving.

At 42 We Create Customer Relationship and Retention Merchandise

What I’d like to think is that our unique designs and service set us apart  and that is great for your business.

People love our custom creations and it crossed my mind that dealers’ customers would be pretty stoked to get one too, especially if a surprise gift came as a personalized ‘thank you’ for a vehicle purchase or just for being a valued service customer.

We create collections of the most desirable vehicles for each manufacturer and print them on a gift that you feel your customers would like. We can print on anything (almost!). The collections not only create a feel good moment but actually create loyalty. The example to the left shows a design from our Motorcycle Collection laser etched on slate

It only costs a small amount but I think the value of a small ‘surprise’ gift is invaluable. The merchandise you see at Forty and Deuce represents our retail side and gives an idea of what we do but behind the scenes we work with dealers to help nurture their customer relationship.

So moving forward I’d love to work with you and your customers

To get us moving in the right direction have a think about what you could to give in terms of budget and I can suggest suitable gifts. There’s a selection of what we can offer below and can probably source pretty much anything. For example a #15 baseball cap for #250 service represents an extremely valuable and wise investment in that customer’s patronage.

Maybe a more premium gift for a car purchase and something of less value for an order of #100 or more.

High quality Tshirts are about #35, Key rings just a few dollars and then we can source premium gifts which we can laser etch. A crystal whisky decanter and glass set, etched with the customer’s new McLaren … how cool is that!

We can even print on demand so you just flick us the details and we’ll do the rest.

To help me formulate more ideas in terms of design I’d ask you to take a look through the shop and see if anything tickles your fancy. Our Liquid Metal Collection is really popular and we could create designs (no charge) of the vehicle your client owns.

So in summary:

Use our ticket system so we can serve you most efficiently and submit:

1) Budget

Give me a budget per gift, per scenario eg:

  • Service = Budget #25
  • Spend #100 = Budget #10
  • Car Purchase = Budget #100

2) Preferred Designs

Give me an idea of what you want in terms of design, Browse our collections and give me things that take your fancy eg Liguid Metal eType Jag

If you don’t see what you need then give me a list of vehicles/logos or whatever with your preferred design eg Lotus Street Art and we’ll create them free of charge.

I hope this helps get us started on a great new relationship and I can call you any time if you need more just drop your number and I’ll get right back to you.


All the best
Paul Tranter

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